Good Jobs Through Consumer Activism

The mission of the Labor 411 Foundation is to advocate for the creation and protection of good jobs through consumer activism. We believe that by spending our dollars ethically, with companies which treat their workers well, we create stronger communities and a thriving middle class. The Foundation promotes its goals through research, education and advocacy and works to advance an Ethical Consumer Movement (ECM) to build a stronger economy for all.


Who We Are

The Labor 411 Foundation is the educational arm of Labor 411. The mission of the nonprofit Foundation is to empower and educate Americans to protect and support good jobs through ethical consumerism. The Labor 411 Foundation supports the creation and preservation of good jobs and the patronage of high-road employers in the United States.

Comprised of unions, academics, friends of labor and socially responsible businesses, the Foundation promotes employers that provide workers with living wages, affordable health care and retirement security while also producing safe, high-quality American-made goods and offering first-rate U.S.-based services. Through research, education and advocacy, the Foundation seeks to reach and influence a broad range of audiences, including younger people, about the importance of consumer activism.

What We Do

The Labor 411 Foundation works to encourage the creation and protection of good union jobs in the U.S.

The Foundation promotes the following capacities:


Current, accurate information is critical to the mission of the Ethical Consumer Movement. Our research team vets employers who run ethical businesses that hire union workers and pay a fair wage.  We publish results in print and online directories to benefit the general public –


We empower Americans to use their spending power to patronize businesses that operate on American soil and treat their workers fairly.  We make information available on the history of the labor movement and middle class via our Facebook page and other social media, an e-newsletter, workshops and panel discussions, and through live theater and other events, and our directories. Consumers must have access to convenient, user-friendly purchasing guides in order to make decisions that support the Ethical Consumer Movement.


Policymakers can promote the Ethical Consumer Movement by directing government dollars to companies that provide good jobs in the U.S. The Foundation supports legislative advocacy that encourages lawmakers to invest taxpayer money in businesses that are committed to good American jobs and high-quality U.S. goods and services.