Promoting the ‘Buy Union, Buy American’ Movement

Who We Are

The Labor 411 Foundation supports the creation and preservation of good union jobs and the patronage of high-road employers in the United States. Comprised of international unions, academics and friends of labor, the foundation promotes union employers that provide workers with living wages, affordable health care and retirement security while also producing safe, high-quality American-made goods and offering first-rate U.S.-based services. Through research, education and advocacy, the foundation seeks to reach and influence a broad range of audiences, including younger people, about the importance of consumer activism.

What We Do

The Labor 411 Foundation works to encourage the creation and protection of good union jobs in the U.S. The Foundation funds the following capacities:

Research: Current, accurate information is critical to the mission of the Buy Union, Buy American movement. We provide support to ensure the creation of the most reliable directories of union-made American goods and U.S.-based union services.

Education: Consumers must have access to convenient, user-friendly purchasing guides in order to make decisions that support the Buy Union, Buy American movement. We provide support for direct consumer education through websites, social media platforms, smart phones, apps, paid ads and earned media, with an emphasis on engaging graphics and positive written content that invite consumers to explore our products.

Advocacy: Policymakers can promote the Buy Union, Buy American movement by directing government dollars to companies that provide good jobs in the U.S. The Foundation supports legislative advocacy that encourages lawmakers to invest taxpayer money in businesses that are committed to good American jobs and high-quality U.S. goods and services.

Labor 411 Foundation Members

Maria Elena Durazo
Executive Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus
LA County Federation of Labor

Edwin Hill
International President Emeritus
Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Frank Hurt
International President Emeritus
Bakery, Confectionery (BCTGM)

Bob King
President Emeritus
United AutoWorkers (UAW)

D. Michael Langford
International President
Utility Workers

Matt Loeb
Int’l Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees (IATSE )

Randi Weingarten
American Federation of Teachers

Peter Dreier
Director, Urban& Environmental Policy Dept.
Occidental College

Christopher Blass
Vice President, & Nat’l Director, Labor & Trust
Kaiser Permanente

Harold Meyerson
Political Columnist

Cherri Senders
Publisher Labor 411

International Unions Supporting Labor 411

1. AFT
2. UAW
3. Bakery Confection
4. Fire Fighters
6. United Steelworkers
7. Utility Workers
8. Machinist
9. Building Trades Dept.
10. IBEW
11. Boilermakers
12. Bricklayers

Councils Supporting Labor 411

1. California Federation of Labor
2. California State Building Trades
3. California Federation of Teachers
4. San Francisco Building Trades Council
5. Tri-Counties Building Trades Council
6. Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
7. San Francisco Labor Council
8. Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO

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Promoting the Buy Union, Buy American Movement