Buy Your Values UCLA Kicks Off 2023

We are pleased to announce the formation of an activist steering committee made up of students, faculty, garment workers and other groups aligned with our socially responsible values to kick off the Buy Your Values UCLA movement this year. Our goal is to raise awareness about ethical purchasing, and specifically to get ethical and union-made products into the UCLA bookstore.

The committee is integral to helping the movement achieve its goals. It has met four times since it was created in December. These meetings have involved discussions about future campus presentations, more effective outreach, a possible Buy Your Values UCLA seal of approval for vendors, and partnerships with organizations that promote ethically-made apparel. 

The steering committee is made up of the following individuals who are dedicated to the success of the Buy Your Values UCLA movement:

  • Daniel Cardozo, Ethix Merch, CEO
  • Cherri Senders, Labor 411, Publisher
  • Nayantara Banerjee, The Garment Worker Center, Industry Researcher & Strategist
  • Caroline Luce, UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, Lecturer
  • Victor Narro, UCLA Labor Center, Project Director
  • Alayna Milby, Ethix Merch, Ethical Purchasing Outreach Coordinator 
  • Grace Adams, Catholic Ethical Purchasing Alliance, Coordinator
  • Isabel Sheng, UCLA USAC Facilities Commission, EJ Now Project Director
  • Justin Rodriguez, SEIU Local 2015
  • Sahid Fawaz, Labor 411, Marketing and Social Media Director